The City of Weirton, West Virginia has retained Thrasher’s services for improvements and upgrades of their sanitary sewer system for over a decade. Thrasher has assisted the City of Weirton through every phase of these projects, from design and funding to project management and construction monitoring. Some of the projects Thrasher has completed with the City of Weirton are listed below.

Valley Way South Circle Drive and Joseph Boulevard Flow Study and Gravity Sewer Evaluation – This included the installation of flow meters on influent and effluent pump stations, compiling flow data and the evaluation of the existing hydraulic capacity of the pumps.

East Weirton Sewer Line Extension Evaluation– GPS locations of the sewer alignment and map preparation was completed for the East Weirton Sewer Extension along with the plans and specifications.

Fifth Street Pump Station Evaluation – The project consisted of compiling flow data, evaluation of existing hydraulic capacity and the installation of flow meters on pump stations influent line.

Primary Clarifiers – The primary clarifiers plastic chains and flights in rectangular clarifiers were replaced with stainless steel skid plates, chains and new flights. The clarifiers were also sandblasted and coated with coal tar epoxy.

Secondary Clarifiers – The secondary clarifiers were replaced with 2 circular aluminum slide gates which were frozen into position in the Splitter/Diversion Box with Rodney Hunt TM stainless steel adjustable slide gates with worm gears.

Anaerobic Digester Number 2 – Thrasher converted digester to Post-ATAD Sludge Tank with fiberglass covers.

ATA D Equipment – FUCHS TM ATAD equipment including pumps, mixers, rotary drum sludge thickener, odor control system, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – Thrasher completed the design of upgrading the current WWTP to 4.0 MGD Contact Stabilization System, complete with 2 anaerobic digester and 2 aerobic digester.

Influent Pump Station – Four pump stations were replaced with Flygt dry pit submersibles with variable frequency dives. This also included the installation of 2 monorails with trolleys and a common manual chain hoist to move 150 HP pumps necessary for maintenance and replacement.


  • 5 Year Review of Operating Data
  • Site Investigation of all Equipment, Structures,Electrical and Mechanical System by the Professional Team
  • Pilot-test of Auto-thermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD)
  • Revised Odor Control System from chemical scrubbers to photo-oxidation using UV lamp and nickel catalyst, based on owner’s safety concerns





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