Grandview-Doolin Public Service District

Grandview-Doolin Public Service District and Thrasher have worked in partnership on numerous projects to improve and expand the PSD’s water treatment and distribution system to support economic development within their region, serving manufacturing and coal industries.

Graysville Water Storage Tank / Extension to BPB CertainTeed Gypsum

The PSD was approached by BPB to extend a potable water line a to new gypsum wallboard manufacturing facility located along Route 2 near Graysville. Thrasher was hired to work with the PSD to analyze their system, determine what upgrades might be needed to serve the BPB facility and provide engineering services to complete the project. Thrasher performed a hydraulic analysis utilizing a KY Pipe Hydraulic Model that determined feed lines to the water tank would need upgraded in size. The project included upgrading the feed lines from 2” to 6” and installing a 1.4 mile water distribution line extension to the manufacturing facility.

Water Line Extension to McElroy Coal Mine and Mitchell Power Plant

After the successful BPB project, the PSD again chose Thrasher to assist them in planning and engineering a water line extension related to expanding economic development within the area. This extension, consisting of approximately 1.5 miles of 6” line, now provides potable water to McElroy Coal on WV State Route 2 and to the Mitchell Power Plant.

Water System Upgrades: Water Treatment Plant / Water Storage and Line Extensions

The PSD again selected Thrasher to assist with a water line extension project. The Grandview Doolin PSD serves 848 residential customers, 33 commercial customers, and 2 industrial customers in Wetzel County and southern Marshall County. However, there were still numerous households in the PSD’s service area without potable water. Thrasher and PSD worked together to extend water to approximately 150 residents, which increased the customer base to nearly 1000.

Thrasher is currently working alongside the PSD to make improvements to the water treatment facility, which utilizes ground water for its raw water source. These improvements include chlorination, filtration, and repairs to its clearwell.





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