Waterline Replacements: Phase 1

In 2004, The Town of Bath hired Thrasher to evaluate and reduce water loss in their system. To do so, the majority of water mains in the downtown area needed to be replaced. Thrasher provided services including funding identification and applications to replace all existing cast iron water lines in the downtown area with new PVC waterlines to enable the distribution system to deliver adequate flows and pressure to its customers and reduce a number of the water leaks. This project involved the replacement of approximately 3 miles of waterline. Additional improvements included the replacement of 158 meter settings, several gate valves and service lines. As a result of Phase I, water loss was reduced from 65% to 45%.

Waterline Replacements: Phase 2

Following the success of Phase I, Thrasher was rehired to design and inspect an additional waterline replacement project. The project involved the replacement of approximately eight (8) miles of distribution lines within the town. As a result of the project, the BSWW’s water loss was reduced from 45% to approximately 21%, thereby allowing the WVPSC to lift the mandatory curtailment of additional water services and in addition, reduced the plant operating time to approximately 16 hours per day

Waterline Replacements: Phase 3

Thrasher has been hired by the BSWW to design and inspect a Phase 3 project to reduce the water loss even further to enable the system to handle the planned growth within its service area. Other improvements will include tank painting, fencing, telemetering systems and an architectural improvement to the water treatment plant. The project is expected to go to construction in the Spring of 2014. No rate increase to customers will be necessary as the project can be funded by operations and maintenance savings the BSWW has experienced as a result of the earlier phases.





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