Thrasher was contracted by the Tygarts Valley Conservation District (TVCD) to perform an engineering assessment (Phase – 1 of the Barbour County Water Resources Study) of potential dam sites in the immediate vicinity of Philippi, WV to serve as a supplemental source of drinking water for Philippi and the Barbour County area that it serves. Seven dam-sites were initially evaluated; however, only one (Little Laurel Run) meets all of the requirements of the TVCD. Major components of the engineering assessment for each site included development of watershed hydrology and hydraulics, impoundment sediment and water supply storage capacities, and determination of hazard classification.

The Thrasher team utilized the NRCS SITES computer program and NRCS Technical Release – 60 (TR-60) to evaluate each dam. The assessment investigation, findings, recommendation, preliminary quantity and costs estimates were presented to the TVCD as the Phase 1 Report.

Based upon the findings and recommendations in the Phase I Report, the TVCD directed Thrasher to develop a preliminary design (Phase II) of the Little Laurel Run Dam. Mr. Morrow refined the parameters of the initial engineering assessment for this site in order to better define site conditions and to accurately assess its water storage capability. Thrasher contracted with the (GeoNovell) to perform a dam foundation investigation in order to confirm suitably of the site as a water supply impoundment. Mr. Morrow developed an investigation plan and coordinated the drilling and borrow pit with GeoNovell’s geotechnical engineer. Evaluation of the site demonstrated that it is a suitable location and has sufficient storage capacity to meet the water supply objectives of the TVCD.



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