• Tygarts Valley Conservation District ( Water Supply Dam )

    Thrasher was contracted by the Tygarts Valley Conservation District (TVCD) to perform an engineering assessment (Phase – 1 of the Barbour
    County Water Resources Study) of potential dam sites in the immediate vicinity of Philippi, WV to serve as a supplemental source of drinking water for Philippi and the Barbour County area that it serves.

  • Squires Creek (WVDEP AML)

    This job site included two refuse piles covering about two to three acres in total. There were remains of one mine building, unvegetated coal
    refuse, deep mine portals and acid mine drainage.

  • Clarksburg Lyons Landslide (WVDEP AML)

    The project site is located in Clarksburg, WV off of Route 19. There was a two acre slide mass composed of strip mine spoil and natural slip prone material located above and behind a the Lyons residence.

  • Anglins Run and Roaring Creek (WVDEP AML)

    The project area included a total of eight collapsed mine portals with at least five of them having discharges ranging from 1 to 10 gpm. Total flows were estimated to be between 25 and 30 gpm.